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   Here’s the current “Duty Roster” of who’s been in contact with us. The “Message Center” has the e-mail addresses.
   Keep looking for those AWOL bubbas!

Head Shed

Don Mosser
Ed Wallace


Lee Bradshaw
John Etter
Fred Horne
Lee Price
Dave Strong
Jim Toscano


Dave Allison
Steve Ames
Malcolm Andrews
Chris Baum
Theresa Braymer
Brad Bruner
Ken Burdick
Chris Burghart
Eric Busko
Martin Cawley
Chris Cook
Chris Corgnati
Dave Cutter
Phil Douglas
Fred Dunlea
Joe Fields
Tony Frey
Bart Griffin
Lance Hamilton
Darren Hamre
Pete Hansen
Tom Helgeson
Jay Henderson
Adam Holland
Tim Holyk
Bern Hughes
Jim Jaquet
Dale Kaiser
John Keating
Cam Kenyon
Dean Krupa
John Long
Scott Macfarlane

Brian Malarky
Ed Mayfield
Pat McCormack
Mike Milazzo
Brian Mirs
Mike Moan
Ron Mullis
Joe O’Brien
Shawn O'Connell
Joe Orr
Rich Palombo
John Perry
Erf Porter
Chris Ramsden
EJ Ritter
Rob Robinson
Rich Rosene
Ken Sener
Dave Shapiro
Mark Shelhamer
Mike Shorthill
Greg Sims
John Speck
Joe Speranzo
Kevin Stenstrom
Jay Stockwell
Ray Waurio
Bruce Wehner
Keith Wildonger
John Williams
Stu Williams
Steve Witowski
Rob Zerr

B.B.M. - S.W.O.
Fortunately there’s only one! ;-)

John Coray

24 / 7 / 365 Duty Pilot
Any one else want this assignment? :-)

Ron Greiff

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