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The Boys 354kB

3 Idiots 402kB

Jay & Becki  410kB

Storyteller  234kB

Pete’s a Believer  374kB

The Girls  1044kB

Better Halves 516 kB

Stu’s Clan 361kB

Setting the Rules 210kB

Standing Watch 302kB

Captionless  462kB

Poor Davey 534 kB

The digs 278kB

Easily Entertained 272kB

Notice the Camera 400kB

Pickin’ up Chicks??  374kB

2 “Skip’s” 192kB

Word must be Talking AGAIN 355kB

Early at RiRa’s  351kB

The Reason We’re Here  345kB

4 Friends  410kB

Becki ‘n Patricia  370kB

Them again 1088Kb

Baums, Becki, Word 378kB

Party Shack  363kB

Stu’s new chair 98Kb

3 More 314kB

Daddy, Becki, Word 289kB

Another Group 846Kb

Ron & Baums  794Kb

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