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Take a look at the list and send any addresses to Z-man. He’ll send out an invite and get them on the listserver.  The names that are struck out have been contacted, but no response yet.

JOPA Members

Anthony Ahnen
Rico Antonetti
Keith Bare
Dave Baudhin
Jeff Blackmer
Bill Brown
Gary Cason
Charlie Castonguay
Dave Christenson
Jim Clody
Darin Dinelli
Drew Duff
Jim Fallon
Rich Fernandez
Mike Garland
Bray Geddes
Brian Goettle
Frank Griffith-Tesch
John Hovland
Andy Jackson
Dana King
Dave Kramer
Jim Kruskall

Guy Lynch
Bill MacMillan
Dave Madigan
Mike McCarthy
Bob McCoy
Clint Moore
Don Morris
Lyle Mueller
Rod Nault
Shawn Regier
Brian Richardson
Chuck Rush
Corey Shern
Gary Smith
Brian Smith
Jim Stein
Guy Stephens
Mike Stinson
Paul Sullivan
Steve Trabucco
Gerry Vagt

“The Others”

Mike Baldwin
Kevin Call
Jim Campbell
Bob Droppa
Mark Espitia
Jim Farley
Franz Federschmidt
John Hastings
Otto Heise
Goat Lawson
Mike Logar
Ray Nichols
Bob Novak
Doc Guy Nowlan
John O'Connell
Steve Wellock
Hub Wooten

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The Dark Helmet

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